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Casual Work From Home - Can you make money working from home?

What if you don’t have permanent job or have an indifferent or unco-operative employer?

How about Casual Work?


Casual Work

Outside of permanent employment there exists a number of more casual work from home schemes or ‘opportunities’ you could explore. They can generally be divided into commission based selling and low hourly paid work and, unfortunately, a combination of both.


Marketers Prospective

From the marketers prospective, it is not too hard to see the benefit. The cost of out-sourcing your marketing effort is not significant if untaken on a large enough scale. A few thousand CD’s, the cost of printing your marketing material along with advertising “make $5,000 a week etc’. If you can get away with charging a fee to your trainees / wannabees even better for ‘this golden / once in a lifetime / chance to get in at inception’ opportunity.



Once signed up your sales people have to sell to make money. On-going cost and risk to the marketer is minimised.


Low Pay

Low pay / grunt work is even easier for the budding entrepreneur. You don’t have to pay as much, you only pay for what you get, no insurance, no employment red tape, no hassles.


Too good to be true

Too good to be true ads are usually just that. If everybody with no training and no experience could make $5,000 a week working from home then we would all be at it. Universities and technical colleges would be empty. No one would worry too much about school exams. Stay on the beach for eighteen years then answers an ad in the newspaper and you are set for life.


Natural Born Salesman

It is not possible for an untrained, inexperienced salesperson to earn $5,000 a week selling someone else’s product.
You might be a natural born salesperson with a strong belief and affinity with the product you are selling. You just might get lucky a sell a lot of whatever it is you are flogging. But the reality is most of us won’t sell enough to make us rich but just might, if enough people respond to the ad, make the marketer rich.


Spam and Scam

Be wary of schemes that promise you the world. It might be a scam. They may just be after your contact details in order to sell to you and/or send spam. It could be your ID they are after and/or your money.


Be careful out there

Never give bank details or personal information about yourself without being 100% sure of the recipient. Never give anyone your pin number or password.


Just a PO Box

If you are tempted do your own research, find out with whom you are dealing. If all you can find is a PO Box and no phone number then think again.



A number of schemes only pay to US Citizens. Check before you sign up.


Selling the dream

Maybe, I hear you say, but I’ve seen an advertisement in the Newspaper that guarantees that I’ll make loads of money. They swear it is for real but are they really just selling a dream?

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