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The Truth About Working from home

Working From Home

For many working from home would be an idyllic life style. For starters – no more commuting! Feet up, drink in hand tapping away at a keyboard in-between sips. Maybe your favourite music playing in the background. Break time - gentle stroll through the park, maybe even a trip to the beach to get those creative juices flowing.


Dream Job

Sounds like a dream to me. Selling that dream maybe one of the few ways of actually achieving it. For most, the reality is very different. Working from home is hard work for relatively low pay.

What work can you do from home?

The most commonly held jobs undertaken from home include:

Secretarial Services
Web designers
Network administrators
Desktop publishers
Graphic Designers
Child/Day Care



If you’re looking at the above and feeling disappointed because you can’t see yourself on the list don’t despair too much. The number of opportunities to work from home is increasing.


Reputable Employers

When reputable employers grant their employees the ‘privilege’ of working from home they often see an increase in output and efficiency due to the more flexible nature of the hours worked (e.g. answering phones / email outside of normal working hours) and the lack of interruptions / meetings / politics etc


The downside is a lack of supervision, planning and co-ordination of workflow and effort. If you are physically not ‘around’ it makes it a little harder for managers to ensure everybody is on the same page.
For the employee, there is a lack on immediate support, feedback and the potential for feeling isolated, excluded and out ‘of-the-loop’.


Time Management

You also have to be careful in managing your work time as separate from your home and family life. If you can’t separate the two you risk never having a reasonable break from your work. If your work time is not clearly defined and understood you may unintentionally put pressure on your closest relationships.


Many of these issues are manageable e.g. regular meetings, days spent in the office. Much depends upon whether your employer has a policy on working from home (there are also a few technicalities to sort out such as insurance and work cover) and whether any of your colleagues are exercising the same option.


If you are the only employee working from home you may need to take on some of the managerial responsibilities yourself to ensure good outcome for all concerned.

Manage Your Boss

Manage your boss, or if you are your own boss, get yourself organised. Make an effort to keep in touch. Make a point of ringing into the office regularly rather than wait for your boss and/or subordinates to ring you.

Going casual

What if you don’t have permanent job or have an indifferent or unco-operative employer? We have all seen those ads that promise the earth "You to could earn $$$$ working from home! Is there anything to them? The Rich Pom Paid


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