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Sydney Lane Cove Appliances and Trade Connect. Only electrical appliance engineers, repairers and installers recommended by their customers are listed:



Trade Connect Australia - click here to get free quotes from Appliance Engineers and other trades people
"Trade Connect offer a smart service to hook you up with trades in your area
for free. Simply tell them what you need done and they send your job details
out to a heap of the tradies in your area as a SMS message.

I was sceptical at first but thought I'd give it a go anyway, and got 2 calls
pretty much straight away and another 2 calls over the next hour or so -
all from people wanting to quote on the job!!

I have now used the service 4 times with good results every time.

Apparently they get their money from the trades as an annual subscription

I highly recommend the service" Dave

Lane Cove Appliances

158 Burns Bay Rd 9418 8005
  Lane Cove 2066  

"Fast, tries hard, may not have the lowest quote but worth considering"

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