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Sydney Recommended Personal Trainers recommended by word-of-mouth

Recommended Sydney Personal Trainers Jump Start in Cammeray and momentum personal training in Cronulla by word of mouth on the web.


Momentum Personal Training

If anyone is looking for a trainer they must check out momentum personal training. Its saved my life....

Before Momentum - I work full time as a Medical Rep and run around for everyone in my life but me.... I didn't no myself, I was tired during the day, constant headaches and not sleeping well at night. I saw a friend I hadn't seen for a while she looked like she had walked out of an Extreme Makeover, got talking and would not stop raving about her personal trainer. I'm one of those people who has tried everything from gym memberships, pharmacy pills, Jenny Craig, Sure Slim, Tony Ferguson you name it I've invested in it. I'm great at starting things but lose momentum very quickly. I procrastinated for a month whether i should call Shane and find out if this was something i could see myself doing. We set up a meeting to talk about my goals and which momentum program was for me and it all started from there....

My Momentum Journey - I started sweating in the car and i wasn't even there yet.... it was like my first day at school. Shane took my measurement's and we started training.He then wanted me to do a push up. I had never done a push up in my entire life , i think he saw the fear in my eyes, however he got down with me and showed me how and he taught me a valuable lesson.....that i do have both the physical and mental strength to do whatever challenge faces me. Shane has taken me under his wing and in 6 weeks I'm confident that his program is the real thing .I'm doing XYZ push up's boxing, jogging etc.....He cleaned out my cupboards, took me to the supermarket, gave me food choices that i liked, taught me how to read the labels, spoke to my partner and family about my goals and my eating plan, before i knew it, Shane set up a great support network were i have no room for failure only great results for my new healthy future. I wish I had joined momentum a long time ago, i feel, breathe, walk &sleep better, my skin is glowing and i have a tan people , my arms aren't the color of Bulgarian cheese. I'm happier than ever..... Thanks Shane don't feel like a 27 yr old grandma no more.........................


momentum personal training
12 / 21 Gerrale Street, Cronulla, NSW 2230

p: 04 12161866 f: (02) 9533 2220 -


Jump Start Personal Training

"my Jump Start trainer is excellent. Personable, professional and fun. AND, I'm in much better shape and I enjoy it" Bronwen

"I have been exercising with Jump Start for nine years and they have helped me to lead a much better life. I enjoy it as the trainers are friendly and professional" Anthony

Jump Start

20 Cammeray rd, 0417 66 2294 Personal Trainers Cammeray NSW 2062  

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