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Sydney and Australian Piano Removalists Recommended By Word of Mouth


Recommended Australian Pianos Removals in Sydney and Western Australia.


Sydney and Western Australia piano removalists recommended by word of mouth by their customers. Only Australian Piano Removalists, Slipstream Carriers Piano Removals, Extreme Piano and Anthony's Piano & Billiard Removals recommended by word of mouth by their customers are listed:



Extreme Piano Removals

5/9 Baker Street 9661 6447
  Botany NSW 2019  

"Extreme Piano Removals in Sydney offered exceptional service and the cheapest quoted price, including insurance. I wouldn't hestitate to recommend them to anyone" Belinda

"I just used Extreme Piano Removals to move a very old and heavy electric church organ from Burwood to Cherrybrook. I was delighted with the service. The organ was removed promptly. carefully and cheaply. It cost me $180 door to door".


Anthony's Piano & Billiard Removals - 0422 544 064
Po Box 4067
South Maroubra, NSW 2035

"Anthony's Piano & Billiard Removals moved my Piano with care and a great price I won't use any one else. I have a upright [Piano], it was moved from Maroubra to North Sydney, the price was $170.00 (gst inclusice) plus 1.50 per step - (1 had 15 steps)"



Slipstream Carriers 172 Mars St, Carlisle, WA 6101 (08) 93614604

"Slipstream have moved my piano three times over the past ten years - up stairs, through tight hallways, around corners I thought would be impossible.

Their skill, patience and care is unrivaled and given their level of service, expertise and industry knowledge, their fees are reasonable.

I think they're the best in WA; possibly in Australia, and I recommend them with complete confidence".


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