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Selling the dream or 'Get Rich Quick'


Advertising the dream

The dream advertisements are almost always general in nature. The latest method, break through in technology, proven success, get in early, get ahead, golden opportunity, I earn x million dollars a day you can to, testimonials from happy dreamers and of course the promise of loads of cash guaranteed.


What do you actually have to do?

Dream ads are usually short on detail. They rarely say much about what you actually have to do. They might tell what you don’t have to do e.g. “No selling” and often “No experience necessary – we’ll train you”.


Gut Instinct / Tell 'em what they wanna hear

'I don't try to brainwash people', one American spin doctor has been quoted as saying, 'I merely appeal to people's gut instincts'.

We all have hopes, dreams and fears. If you can invoke an existing predisposition to a belief and tie that to your product or service and you are on your way.


Get Rich Quick

Doesn't matter if it is a War you are selling or a 'get rich quick scheme'. The same principles apply. I want to go to war to keep American strong, my family safe and terrorists off our streets. I want to sign up to your get rich scheme because I want to believe it. I dream about being rich and not having to work, this sounds like the answer.


Reinforce and Repeat

You just need to keep repeating the message and reinforce it as often as possible.


Hard Work – Stick at it

Having signed up, if your first payment isn't quite as promised the encouragement will follow. Keep working and you will succeed. This won’t have been mentioned much up front of course. It is your problem, the implication being you are just not working hard enough – you haven't been successful enough – if they can why can’t you?


You're a failure

You will just have to get past those feeling of inadequacy, failure, disillusionment and that ‘slight’ suspicion you've been conned before the good times arrive. Rome wasn't built in a day – yeah right, where was that in your promotional material!


Selling the dream

Not all these schemes and jobs offers are scams or nonsense. Typing on line, even completing surveys may make you some cash. Just weigh up the hours you spend doing it against time spent on other possible sources of income e.g. a regular job.


Dreams aren't always free

Also be wary of any fees that may be payable for all important handbook or CD which tells you these secrets to instant success that only 500,000 other people have already bought into. The chances are the secret is to sell the CDs to someone else – spread the word so to speak.


Making Money on-line on the Internet

What about going on-line and setting a web business. Is it possible to earn money while you sleep? Could you become a dot com millionaire?

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