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Uncover the secret to making money

Here it is. The answer you've been waiting for. You don't need to be well connected and born into the right family and circle to make money. Anybody can make a fortune. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. You just need a Crystal Ball.


Crystal Ball

Unfortunately, most of us do not have an functional crystal ball. Maybe, if you are lucky enough to be in the right industry, at the right time, just maybe, you might make your fortune.

Crystal Balls

For example, let us say you were fortunate enough to be involved early in the crystal ball industry pursuing your “Every Body Should Have Two” advertising campaign and Tom Cruise is foreseen taking his to an award ceremony. You could indeed turn crystal into gold.


I am living proof!

This may have already happened for all I know and you are poised over your keyboard itching to tell me just how wrong, cynical, narrow minded and ignorant I am. Well, please go ahead, tell me about your secret money making scheme – I could use the cash.


Shhh, don’t tell any one.. (great opportunity – be the first to cash in!!!!)

Alternatively, could I interest you in a state of the art, sure fire way to see into the future and make my, sorry, your fortune! Just think of a large number, double it and write a cheque or check for that amount and send it to…


If it feels good

Too good to be true advertisements are almost certainly just that. If I've already said that no apologises because it is worth repeating - don't get conned. You can make money at home but be realistic about how much you are likely to earn. Think of the activities you enjoy doing. If you like talking to people then maybe a commission / sales role could be right up your alley. At least if you are engaged in an activity you enjoy, or are interested in, the time you spend doing it is less likely to boring, frustrating and futile.



As communications develop with the march of technology and old fashioned management techniques and attitudes retire with their owners we can expect to see more and more people working from home. The potential benefits to the employer, if well managed, out way the risks and costs. Many bosses bemoan the lack of initiative shown by their staff. Working from home is one way of encouraging and fostering the flexible, resourceful, self reliant and able work force many employers crave.



You only have to look at the number of rooms described as studies and offices by real estate agents to see there is a market already there. Whether you can join in with this trend will depend very much on your skill set and location. If you work on the shipyard or for an airline it is probably more difficult for you (although not entirely impossible) than if you work in a office in a big city.


Safer Alternative

A safer alternative to the alluring get rich quick fix is to quietly ask your existing employer to let you work from home for at least part of your working week. You could also enquire of employment agencies for vacancies with reputable companies with flexible, progressive work practices. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Skill Shortage

In Australia, like many other countries around the world, there is a skill shortage. You could help your company, as well as yourself, if you suggest to them that you work from home. Outside of above market salaries, nothing ensures employee loyalty more than good staff management and it might even add to the bottom line.


High Staff Turnover

If you are an employer reading this and worried about your increasing staff turnover, think outside of the box and ask your employees if they would like to work from home.

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