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Making Money on-line on the Internet

What about going on-line and setting a web business. Is it possible to earn money while you sleep? Could you become a dot com millionaire?


Making money off of the internet.

The new medium. Join the web revolution. You too could be a dot com millionaire – look at Google! This kind of thing has declined since the dot com crash but it appears to be coming back into fashion.


Right from wrong

Like all of these ideas and schemes I cannot categorically state that all of them are shams, exaggerations or just selling a dream – but I’d be right more often than not.


Honest Businessmen

There are, no doubt, honest business people using the internet to grow their businesses legitimately. But just put your self in their shoes for a second, to be heard amongst the hoards of false and exaggerated promises what would you do – here’s a chance to earn $3 an hour in your free time? Probably not.


Basics first - Google

Google is the worlds most popular search engine and proof that you don’t have to be a good spelling to make money. For most websites to be popular you have to have a ‘high’ ranking on the search engine for your ‘keywords’.


Own your own website and make money!

Couple of pointers:


Born in the USA

If you live in the USA, congratulations, your chances are better at being successful at making money on-line than the rest of us. The US leads the world in on-line commerce. That means there are more people surfing and more people spending money on-line than anywhere else.


World Wide Web

You’ll attract American visitors onto your site but probably not as many as the home grown sites in the states. Setting yourself up as a .dot com is no guarantee of a fix.


Sand Box

Google is not fond of new web sites. Some refer to this as placing your site in a ‘Sand Box’. In the naughty distant past as long ago as still now people were setting up web sites to try to cash in on a craze on recent piece of news. 9/11 being a particularly poor taste example.



To combat this Google tends to ignore new websites and give greater weight to established sites. Bummer I know but no-one said the world was fair. In a year or so you might escape the Sand Box and start to rank more highly.


Spam, Spam, Spam, SPAM!!

Don’t. Don't even think about it. Don’t spam. Google will track you down and condemn your web site to relative obscurity if you do. Spam includes designing a website with too many key words in it. How many is too many? No hard rules I’m afraid, or if there are, Google isn’t telling. If you read your content and it sounds contrived then you’re probably on your way.


Old News

The web changes at a phonetic pace and even if it doesn’t actually change somebody will come up with a new phase for something and it’ll feel like it has. For website owners be wary of dated advice. For example, meta tags are not what they were so don’t spend too much time on them.


Pulling Google

An example of a new, or attempt at a new phase. What this boils down to if you have a large number of people looking for your website then Google will rank you highly. Key is of course – how?


Old Media

Get yourself in the newspapers and you may achieve this. An example would be a student who sold pixels of off his website to raise funds to pay for his education. It worked because the idea was ‘cute’ and obtained media coverage.


So how can I make money?

Being well connected and born into the right family and circle doesn't hurt. Anybody can make a fortune. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. You just need a crystal ball. So, finally, as you've come this far, the secret to makling money will be revealed:


The Secret To Making Money


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